What We Are All About

Vision: All Children in Alaska Know They Are Loved and Cared For

Mission: Restore, Empower and Strengthen Alaska’s At-Risk Youth and Their Families 


We regard all individuals with respect and recognize the potential in every human being.


We cherish life and believe every human being is worthy of love and support.


Every human being is designed to connect with others. Intentional, healthy connection develops trust-based relationships. Strong, supportive relationships are the foundation for emotional, mental and physical wellness.


Every Human being benefits from an empowering, supportive environment to overcome the internal and external challenges of life.

Faith: We believe that God created human beings with great potential and have faith that every human being can rise above their circumstance to reach that potential, especially when surrounded by a supportive community.

Life Values Transformation Model Statement: “Intentional connection builds a trust-based relationship; a trust-based relationship instills intrinsic value for oneself; self-perceived value creates the space for self-empowerment.”

Our Beginning

We began with a single summer camp in 2014 with 37 kids from foster care as Royal Family KIDS Mat-Su. What we saw and experienced hands on with the kids touched us to the core. 

Since then we have pioneered 4 programs serving children and teens in foster care. We are powered annually by dozens of volunteers, 2 office staff and a board of directors. We hope to add more staff soon to expand our reach and capacity. We are blessed to have generously discounted office space in the Mat-Su Health Foundation building. 

Our vision and mission is to empower and strengthen vulnerable, at-risk youth with a history in foster care through summer programs, mentoring and basic life skills. 

We are actively working to add the life skill projects to further build up our teens.  


Organizational History and Program Growth –

The organization has grown to include 3 summer programs and 1 mentoring program during the school year. We are currently working on adding a life skills program for the teens:

  • 2014 – hosted Royal Family KIDS summer camp
  • 2016 – began RFK Mentoring Program 
  • 2017- began Trust-Based Relational Intervention summer camp program 
  • Summer 2017 partnered with Alaska Center for Resource Families (ACRF) to host a community TBRI training
  • June 2018 partnered with Office of Children’s Services and Church on the Rock to host TBRI training for social workers
  • Summer 2018 and 2019 partnered with ACRF and Church on the Rock to host two more community TBRI trainings
  • August 2019 hosted first teen camp – Teen Reach Adventure Camp
  • December 2019 reached a record of 18 mentors mentoring 20 foster children in the Mat-Su!!
  • August 2021 we became licensed with the State of Alaska as a Community Behavioral Health Clinic.
  • September 2021 Resilience Behavioral Health was formed
  • December 2021 we have 7 staff members serving the vulnerable community of Alaska.

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